“True art consists of idealising, and not copying, the forms of nature”, Owen Jones.

Owen & Jones is the revolution of the British traditional suit. Its British elegance, devoid of classic cuts and a uniformed style, tinges with non-conformism and distances itself from any etiquette. Its intuitive personality leads you to explore new ways to freedom, because the flawless Owen & Jones suits don’t have anything to do with schedules or days of the week.

Owen & Jones fits 24/7







London, 19th century, during the Industrial Revolution. The all-round, adventurous British architect Owen Jones meets Jules Goury, a French colleague, during a trip through the Mediterranean Europe while looking for new cultures and artistic approaches. Their passion for architecture as a form of art leads them to explore together methods of alternative research: science blends with aesthetics, thus shaking up the perception of art at that time.

Owen and Jules travel together until they arrive to Granada, where the magic of the Alhambra enthrals them. Their common studies about the monument leave the romantic ideals of the 19th century aside and approach the research from not only an architectonic point of view but historic and scientific too. This constitutes an absolute innovation which enshrines them as true pioneers at that time, as reflected in the book that brings together Jules’ drawings, published by Owen upon his return to London as a tribute to his deceased friend.

Owen’s best chance arrives in 1851 thanks to the first Great Exhibition held in London. With an eye on Progress and Modernity, Owen Jones and his studies on La Alhambra attract everyone’s looks internationally. His work as the artistic director of the event allows him to pay tribute to the work he carried out together with Jules –he decorates the metallic structures which hold the main pavilion with arcades painted with the basic colours of La Alhambra: blue, gold and red.

His mentality –ahead of his time– exerts an influence that prevails on the 21st century. The Grammar of Ornament (1856), a compilation of the study of the cultures which Owen experienced in his several trips, is still considered a reference work for the study of decorative arts, a real, unprecedented scientific-artistic treaty.

Owen Jones opened a new window to the world of art by making it accessible to everybody.


Owen & Jones is the story of a creative soul who set new standards in aesthetics.

It’s all about dualism, the fusion of two basic concepts in Owen’s thinking: science and art. It is a common place where the severity of the classic lines meets the flexibility of trendiness. It’s all in one. A casual attitude in a tailoring tone.